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The personal journal reimagined.Get to know you better.

Never lose a another important thought.In a world where our attention is fragmented, thoughts are fleeting.We have thoughts while driving to work, while in the shower, while on an airplane, in conversations with friends, and scribbles on notepads. And if we don't write them down, they are gone.How amazing would it be if we could easily capture the big and small moments that really define who we are?

TalkWrite reimagines the personal journal.With TalkWrite, you can easily capture all your important moments.
Go beyond what you can scribble in a notepad.
Review you. Find surprising patterns, and gain interesting insights about you and your thoughts in all your moments.

It's All About YouYou control your data. We do not share, control, or sell your data. It's encrypted with government grade encryption. It's yours.

Diving Deeper

  • Send yourself content from anywhere (use voice notes, email, text, etc.)

  • Interact with a aesthetically pleasing and intuitive interface for journaling

  • Leverage personal AI to ask questions, see patterns, and draw connections from your own content. Better understand you.

  • Your data is yours. We do not own, share, or sell your content or data. Remove your data from our platform at any time

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